Flashcard program for Eee PC

I am learning Finnish language, and for that I need a flashcard program. Finnish words are hard to memorize, even though I am Hungarian, and since Hungarian and Finnish are somewhat related, I should learn easier than others, but it is not so. I hope that a flashcard program would help a bit. Earlier I have used kvoctrain on my other computes. I was looking for that program, but I have found, that if I install it from the debian repositories, it will update half of my system, and I do not want that.
Instead I have found that there is a program called mnemosyne. I have fallen in love immediately with its name. (You know, it is a Greek word after the name of an ancient goddess, but it also name of a beautiful butterfly.) It turned out, that it is easy to install this program I had to preinstall these packages from the debian repo: python-pygame, python-qt3, python-xml, memaid-pyqt, and python-setuptools. After that I have downloaded the linux source from the site of the project. I have decompressed, and after that I have installed ad root with the command:
python setup.py install
in the directory of the archive. It had installed without problems and now I can use it. The program works as expected, and I am fighting with words. Hopefully I will learn at least in some extent.

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