Our safari in Poland

We have just arrived after midnight from our two weeks adventure. Our original plan was to have a longer biking trip in Poland, but the rainy weather and the distances between our destinations transformed our plan to a real adventure safari.  

Of course, we started on the Helsinki-Tallinn ferry from where we drove to Klaipėda, Lithuania. There, we have done a one day trip on bike on the Curonian Spit to Nida, where we have visited Thomas Mann's summer house. This was an amazing day with lots of sunshine in beautiful nature on easy terrain.

From here, we have gone to Białowieża National Park in Poland to see the reserve of European bison. We have met a German cyclist there, and we have arranged the visit together. Despite the rainy weather we have managed to see both the nature and the bisons. Great experience!

Our next stop was the historic town of Sandomierz where we have visited the historic downtown. We have continued with a unique experience of traditional rafting on the river Dunajec, on the border of Poland and Slovakia.
The next item on our list was our biking trip in the Beskid Mountains. We have left our car with a friend close to Nowy Sącz, and pushed the pedals for 200 km on a route with stunning scenery and lots of heavy climbing. Unfortunately, we have got heavy rain, so we had to cut it to three days. 
All the better, as we had one more day for Krakow, where we have visited the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the castle and the historic downtown. These are truly amazing places, the mines are absolutely unique experience, and the downtown is probably the most beautiful one in central Europe. It is funny than you can see the most authentic Germanic style city main square in Poland.
Well, we have finished as we have started, on the Tallinn-Helsinki ferry. We have driven 4000 kms, raised our tent in campings, parks, slept at friends, airbnb flats, biked next to the Baltic see and in mountains. This was a full experience!

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