Latest book I have read: The last theorem

It is the last book of Arthur C. Clarke, one of the best science fiction writers. This book was co-written with Frederik Pohl, another maser of the genre. The main character of this novel is a mathematician, who is successful to give a simple proof for Fermat's famous theorem about the diophantine equations. This book has an interesting structure as it is like a gallery of the sci-fi themes invented by the two author, but mainly by Clarke. We can see the evergreen space elevator, solar sails, powerful super ETs, and and electromagnetic weapon, which is capable to destruct all the electronic tools of the enemy.
Unfortunately some parts were included from earlier novels, like the solar sail race or the heechee like aliens (the Grand Galactics). On the other hand I was very happy with the some kind of happy end feeling of the story, because it pushes the 'we have hope under any circumstances' thinking which is close to me. It was heart breaking to read about the machine stored ethereal life, since Clarke has finished this piece just months before his own death. I hope he is enjoying now his heaven, machine stored or otherwise. This novel is not his best masterpiece, but I am sure that the Clarke fans will enjoy it and remember of this big author of the ever best science fiction themes. R. I. P. Sir Arthur Clarke!

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