Personalizing my Eee Pc 901

On Tuesday I have got my new Eee PC 901. I intend to use as a replace of my old Acer laptop, which suffered breaks on its hinges. I am living in Finland, so it is not a surprize that my shiny new gadget arrived with a Finnish localized operatin system. Since I know, thet the desktop is a taylored KDE, I thougth, that it should not be a problem to change the language to English, or even to Hungarien, which is my mother tonge. As it turned out, I was wrong.
I turned out, that the kde-i18n packages are not available from standard repositories at Asus, so the most I can do is to swich it to English, since this is the fallback language. I have used info from EeeUser's wikipedia and mostly I was able to do the language change.
The first thing I have made was to install all the available English language related packages from the standard Eee PC repositories. (In another article I will explain it a bit more.)
After this I have changed the value of the LANG variable in the /etc/defaults/locale file from
By this step I was able to change most of the not KDE related messages. I also figured out, that I can disable the KDE i18n mo files in the /usr/share/locale directory this way:

sudo -i

cd /usr/share/locale
mv fi fi_orig
mv fi_FI fi_FI_orig

This way also most of the KDE also become English with a few exception messages. I could not figure out how to force Acrobat Reader to use English, maybe simply because the Finnish version is installed. Probably I should uninstall it and reinstall the English version. At the moment that is the most I was able to do about the topic, possibly later on I will be able to fix the last few Finnish texts.

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