PDF readers on Eee PC

Today I have fixed some smaller annoyances on my Eee PC 901 related to the installed Acrobat Reader. First of all, I am not very happy with this reader, on my other computers I use evince wherever it is possible. I like that this stores where I was in the text, so it will open my books where I have left last time. The second thing I like in evince that it can work better in full screen mode. Acrobat Reader show always the full page in full screen mode (correct me if I am wrong), however I prefer page with fit view. On the other hand it seems that Acrobat Reader overperforms evince in case of complex documents with a lot of pictures, just like my favourite Linux Magazine, what I intend to read also on my minilaptop. So finally I have decided to keep both reader program. I will mostly use evince, but Acrobat is kept for the shake of Linux Mag. (Linux diversity rulez!)
The first thing I have done was to get rid of the Finnish internationalization package for acrobat reader: apt-get remove acroread-fi
Then I have installed evince from the debian repository. I have udes this article from EeeUser as a guide. I have added the debian etch repo as explained earlier, evince was installed with apt-get install evince
Of course after that I have disabled again the debian repo to avoid unnecessary complications with the updates.
Finally I have set up in konqeror that evince will be the default programs fo PDF documents and acroread just an option when I cannot avoid it. And that's it! An even more confortable desktop on my Eee PC 901!

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